Is it safe to squat everyday?

I think it’s absolutely safe.

As long as you are working with good form and technique then try it out.

But if you are trying to compete for a physique show then I think you should stick to the typical bodybuilding parameters.

Some people like these 30 day challenges to get themselves into a rhythm and that is what I am doing here for the first month of 2019.

I just want to create some muscle memory and a better foundation for actually the next decade.

Plus it increases testosterone and is a great fat burner. My advice is to listen to your body.

If you are going to squat everyday and you are not a powelifter or an Olympian, then you will probably have one heavy day for every four light days.

Don’t forget the basics of hydration and stretching. You want to use dynamic stretching before and during your workout.

To me, stretching should be an all day thing. Some people take frequent smoke breaks. I try to take frequent stretching breaks.

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