Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor (Post Fight Crimes)

This fight is leading to more questions. Should the belt be taken away from Khabib? Does Conor have a chance if there is a rematch? I think that Conor looked absolutely drained from the beginning. If there is a rematch, then there should be a catch weight. Conor should focus on redemption more so than the belt.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is trying to get everyone to remember when Conor threw the dolly at the bus. Sure, Conor committed a type of vandalism. But that doesn’t justify jumping out of the ring to assault a spectator. Hecklers are legally allowed to heckle all they want. A champion must act like a champion and he didn’t do that. That’s why the belt should be taken away from him.

On top of that, Conor was arrested for his act of violence outside of the ring. He paid the price and now it’s over. No matter how much Khabib talks about respect and honor, it does not mean he has those attributes. So who is the bad guy?¬†Khabib Nurmagomedov’s friends jumped into the ring after the fight and attacked Conor McGregor. Some people think this is trashy behavior. I think it’s viral.

I am not a fan of the rear naked choke. In my eyes, it is one of the weakest and less honorable moves in MMA. You don’t see many mainstream fight movies implementing the RNC in their action scenes. The reason being, is because it is kind of for sissies.

Khabib fans are pointing out the fact that Conor jumped out of the cage to confront Aldo. That was pure salesmanship. He had no intention of putting his hands on Aldo. In fact, Aldo was laughing the whole time. Let’s be honest. I’m more of a Nate Diaz fan. But after the Mayweather event, Conor has won me over as a fan. I’m trying to point out at that Dana White is hedging a bit.

He said he did not want to put the belt on Khabib because it was a safety issue. Nope. If I was in Dana’s shoes, I would consider not giving him the belt at all. Khabib is placing his name next to Jon Jones as it pertains to immature champions. So I don’t think Dana was just trying to enhance safety. I think he was considering not awarding him the belt or possibly disqualifying him after the fact or influencing the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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