How To Sell eBooks On Kindle – Part 3

Did you pick a niche? There’s a good chance that you started your digital book project already and realized it’s a topic that you cannot write 100-200 pages on. Well, nothing wrong with a little adversity. Some lessons are learned the hard way. It’s possible to sell books on dinosaur sociology, the biology of sloths, or even Scientology. But it’s going to be difficult.

Transparency Rant About Writing:

From 2014 to 2016, I was blessed with the opportunity to work in an area that allowed me to focus on my hobbies. One of those hobbies was writing. I found myself struggling to get into the zone like other writers. The most effective and productive form of writing for me was to freestyle. I wrote a 50-page e book about video blogging. Instead of talking about the technical aspects of video blogging I decided to talk about the mindset needed to create videos. Some people have a fear of public speaking while others will experience approach anxiety when they are attempting to talk to a customer or a stranger that seems interesting.

Let’s get back on track with this blog post. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going left field now and then. That’s why I have my own blog. Anyways, we were talking about selling e books online. We mentioned the importance of having a niche. Everyone knows that. It’s important because you need an audience to market to. We are living in a day and age where cultures have cults and cults have cliques and cliques have BFF’s.

We need to dive into ethics for a brief moment. I did my research. The internet is laced with authors that recycle their own blog posts and turn it into a digital book. Although it’s not wrong or illegal to copy your own work. I do think that there’s a better way. You could use your stationary blog posts as a rough draft and then polish up as digital book. Personally, I need to buy into this new concept. At the end of the day, there’s an act of content consolidation and that in itself has value.

Some authors have to learn to swallow their pride. There’s nothing wrong with being good at basket weaving. There’s nothing wrong with being a baseball nerd. Write about it. But here’s the catch. You should write about it if it’s profitable. In today’s digital age, is everything marketable? I drove by a comic book store today and certain thoughts surfaced in my mind. I thought that these stores were extinct. Then it hit me. There’s more than one way to monetize a comic book store. Not every source of income has to be from purchased comic books. The owner of the comic book store could be running a YouTube channel, a Podcast, or their own e-commerce book.

Let’s face it. Skills pay the bills. I think that to sell books online a writer must be proficient at writing. I signed up for some writing tools and courses. I found some free courses that I have no problem using. Writing isn’t always easy. It’s a lot like running. The more you do it the easier it gets. As you can see, I think that is important for you to invest in your skills, follow the rules, and listen to your passion.

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