How To Sell eBooks on Kindle – 2

Before you sell an ebook online, you have to write the darn book. YouTube creator, Mikey Nagle, explains it well in his step by step process to writing the ebook:

1. Create a Title/Topic

Let me give you an example. The title of the book that I published was “Vlogger’s Journal”. I had to go back and forth on the title. I was debating on the words Vloggers or Vlogger’s. Each one would have a slightly different implication. Even right now, I get them mixed up the same way Gary Vaynerchuck calls his book Crushing It or Crush It. Now, I have to think of a new title for a new book.

2. Register Your Domain: I did not create a www.Vlogger’ My platform is this blog that you are currently reading. In my next attempt to publish a book, I will definitely add this to my arsenal. I am not sure if I will stick with I like what Wix is doing at the moment.

3. Design a Book Cover:

I went with for my ebook cover. This is a very simple process and the quality of the work is pretty cool. The turn around time is awesome too. I can’t lie. Receiving the design in your inbox is like opening up a present on 25 December. When it comes to Fiverr, purchasing designs and artwork is more ideal than buying written content. There have been times where I bought an article or blog post and I was completely disappointed with the content. But I do recall one young and talented writer that really did a good job with her blog post. If you hire a writer for a project, try to have them write something that they are familiar with. I think it was in 2013, I hired someone to write a travel blog post. Check it out. 

4. Write your ass off:

Try not to be perfect. I drank so much coffee when I worked on my first eBook. Fortunately, I love coffee. Coffee is my favorite. I have to thank God that my teeth are still white. I heard someone say the other day that writing is extremely hard. It was Sylvester Stallone. He mentioned that it isn’t the healthiest lifestyle. But I think that I hacked the code. Writing can be the art of beating around the bush. It can be all about taking a really long time to get to the point. But as long as you’re writing, then who cares. In this video, Sly mentions the cold hard truth about writing. You really have to be passionate about it.

5. Hire a Writing Coach:

If you are going to hire a writing coach, I think that Elance is a great start. Fiverr is primarily for short articles and blog posts. Here’s my thing. I have a college degree. I am not going to say every assignment was a masterpiece. At the same time, not every essay was a piece of crap either. But when you have a college degree, it gives you the credentials and confidence to just get it done. With that said, if you have the funds, then hiring a writing coach is a good move. But you have to commit to that coach’s guidelines and instructions. It will ultimately help you become a better writer.

On another note, sometimes at the gym, I tell myself that I have to take what the gym gives me. There will be people utilizing certain machines or equipment that I was planning on using. Instead of acting out in rage, I take what the gym gives me. There’s usually another machine or section in the fitness center that I can use which will target the same thing. I am not Mr. Olympia or a UFC Champion. I don’t need a rigid system. As far as writing goes, you have to take what life gives you. You have to take what your schedule gives you. Some people don’t have their evenings and weekends to work on their side projects, passions, or novel.

6. Hire an Editor:

I still like Elance for this phase in the process. Editing can be very time consuming but there are more than enough editors that are very proficient and dedicated to their craft. It is just a matter of finding someone that knows your goal and is familiar with your flow of expression. In addition to those soft skills, you need someone to fix those spelling and grammatical errors that you may have not noticed. Sometimes, we think we are reviewing our own work when in reality we are full of anxiety because we just want our content published.

7. Self-Publish:

I stuck with Kinde Direct Publishing. I don’t remember exactly how I got set up with Amazon’s self publishing program. Actually, I do remember. I have sold digital products from my blog before. It is super easy. But that is another blog post for another day. The self publishing platform is not going to do all of your work. You still have to make sure the rest of the legwork happens. You need someone to work on the book cover and the page layout. Last but not least, you need to be your best customer. So order a copy of your own book and tweak it as needed. Yes, you can still do some editing after it has been published. Welcome to the new world.


Many people have to gather courage just to take a selfie. Imagine what they go through when they realize that they should start video blogging whether it is for social media branding or their business. So Vlogger’s Butterflies is one problem that can also be described as “fight or flight” syndrome. If this is not addressed, the end result is procrastination and missed deadlines and honestly…being left behind the competitors.

The problem is that many people get hindered by a few emotional and mental obstacles that prevent them from jumping in front of their video camera (smartphone, GoPro, etc.) and pressing record.

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