How To Make Money Blogging/How To Sell eBooks On Kindle – part 4

I actually should have changed that title up. I am actually selling the books on Amazon – Kindle Direct Publishing. So, let’s jump right into it. On this blog that you are reading right now, I have sold or marketed digital products. I think some of my more memorable sales included blog design services and ebooks as an affiliate. I am doing less of that now.

I made the shift not because I cracked the $10,000 monthly code. I have not hit those numbers yet. I’ll be transparent. I have a full time career and I’m usually the nerd that will periodically talk about information products and social media influences. I don’t think you need to hit millionaire status to develop and have a few light bulb moments as a blogger or digital entrepreneur.

I have decided to focus on creating my own products and offering my services through this blog. Will I occasionally link to an affiliate site? Probably not that often. But we will see. So let’s talk about making money blogging some more. Here is a snapshot of my humble sales performance:

One of my best sales period was after I posted a mainstream blog about Logan Paul. If you navigate through my blog you will discover that I will go back and forth from mainstream pop culture type of content to specific highly targeted niche information.

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot and my blog has been neglected. But that is going to change. I’m just going to get my workouts in early in the morning and focus on blogging and video editing in the evening. On top of that, I am not going to sign up for college for a while. Even if I was, I would probably blog about it just a little bit. I already have my Bachelor’s in Business Management.

The MBA – Marketing or Project Management program is the only thing that can pull me away from this side business that I am attempting to turn into a legitimate asset. I suppose it is an asset since it is the platform that promotes my actual asset which is my first e-Journal. This e-Journal dives deep into the mind of a vlogger…

The arrow in the above illustration is pointing out the word immersion. For me to write this book, I had to throw myself into the world of vlogging. Plus, I think that vlogging really started to catch fire in 2015. I really learned a lot about myself when I took on the VEDA which is Vlog Every Day in April/August challenge.

I actually do not consider myself a video blogger. I just know a good thing when I see one. Well, at least sometimes. I am definitely more of a blogger. But that is debatable also. Some people would say that vlogging is for extroverts and blogging is for introverts.

I don’t really believe in the whole introvert or extrovert concept. I think everyone has a swag meter. Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t. When your swag meter is high, then you probably feel like a nut. That’s when I pull the action camera out or the iPhone X and just vlog it out. But maybe I am past my prime and it is time to stick to what works for now which is blogging. There’s less glory but more congruence because I am not too far from the kitchen.

I did some venting here but I feel I dropped some wisdom nuggets at the same time. Hey Siri, remind me to add some videos to this blog post tomorrow.

The image above is a snapshot of my Google Adsense account. As you can see, it sucks. But I really have no shame because I know that at some point it will improve. In the back of my mind I was waiting to be completely done with college. Although, the MBA is an option that I am heavily considering, I am starting to create momentum with my blog. I am going to add this portion of the blog in the video of my next blog post. I am sharing this process to (in a way) show you what it takes to gradually scale your way upward.


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