How To Sell eBooks On Kindle? Part 1

Is it possible to sell ebooks that you self published? This screenshot below is proof that it is possible to sell your own ebooks. But I have to warn you. This process is a lot of hard work.

There are a lot of YouTubers out there that are leaving out important information. They tell you that the the only thing you have to do is open up your Microsoft Word and start hacking away. It is not that easy. There is a process. In today’s unpredictable era, you can’t just get by on your writing skills alone.

Yes, you have to dig in and plug away at your laptop equipped with creativity and motivation. But what happens when you are done with all of the writing? I don’t think that I have to mention the editing, spacing, design, and marketing that follows the meat and potatoes.

It is a lot easier if you had a team. But you probably don’t. Maybe you can afford one but you would rather not have a team because you are not a people person. That’s why you are considering this whole self publishing thing. You’re sick and tired of dealing with people. Well, that is one circumstance that I can have empathy for.

So hurry up and write your book. But here’s the catch. You have to sell it. And I. Order to sell it you have to know how to market it. Don’t worry. I’m not an asshole that’s going to tell you to pay hundreds or thousands for Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

The free method requires some courage for introverts. You have to be comfortable making video blogs. That’s the method that I used to sell my ebook. Let’s fix that problem we call vlogger’s anxiety.

I need to share something with you. This book required me to write more than I have ever written in my life. No, it is not a thousand pages. But it felt like I was writing a thousand pages until I got into a rhythm. Fortunately, South Korea has these awesome 24 hour coffee shops that we don’t find in the Texas. It is not uncommon to find an entrepreneur, a college student, a writer, or a video editor at a hip coffee shop in Seoul working on his or her craft. If you see that in America you can feel the labels and opinions floating around.

“He must’ve gotten kicked out of the house.”

“She can’t afford WiFi.”

Stay tuned for part two of this blogging series.

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