Who is Wheeler Walker?

PewDiePie and Wheeler Walker are two different people. I tried to upload a Wheeler Walker snapshot as the featured image but I guess WordPress was slightly offended because Wheeler Walker is one offensive dude. Well, I’m not offended but a lot of people in today’s society would call foul play.

He has two crazy songs. One of them is about his broken heart. The name of that song is “Fuck You, Bitch!” The name of the other song is about going up his woman’s family tree. So, I need to protect my reputation as a blogger. I will not share my opinion but I will share the YouTube comments that I found under his songs. Honestly, I don’t think I can listen to Wheeler all of the time but if I am hanging out with close friends, I may just spin the Wheeler.

So I guess, Joe Rogan and his fans love this guy. I think I’ll just go see what Joe Rogan has to say about Mr. Walker. Oh snap, Joe actually has him on the show. Let me see if it is from this year. Oh dang, it was from April 2016. Where have I been? What rock have I been hiding under. I guess I was partying in South Korea too much listening to K-Pop and losing my country edge.

So, I’m listening to the JRE podcast, and this guy is the real deal. He means what he says and he’s not just trying to sell something or market a personality. 

Wow, I can’t say I’m a fan or a hater but I can say that this guy is interesting and crazy. I’ll paraphrase him. “Today’s mainstream country music is rap music for people that are scared of minorities.” First of all, I don’t even know if I am allowed to write about people the I have been doing. Second of all, let’s find out how country Mr. Wheeler really is. I’m about to Google  “Where is Wheeler Walker from?” Okay, he gets a point. He is from Lexington, KY.

I really don’t know what defines country nor/or do I really enjoy defining what country is. Is there such a thing as real rap, pop, country, or rock? There actually is such as thing as real rock. Anyways, I don’t think I’m going to continue writing about Wheeler. There’s nothing really left to write. I am not the most PG type of guy, but it is really too early right now for that type of vulgarity.

So, I want to know your opinion. With so many videos online, is it really necessary to pull our hairs out as content creators to make regularly scheduled videos? Think about it. YouTube allows people to embed videos, so that implies that the video can be shared across the social media globe. Also, there are many websites that allow you to use their videos for free. They are called royalty free videos and they are actually not bad.

So maybe the art of writing is coming back. What does this have to with Wheeler? Absolutley nothing. And if you don’t like it, then you can listen to his most popular song.


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