Jordan Peterson, the next YouTube Academic Rockstar?!

The  following is a transcript from his lecture:
“Creative people don’t fit very well into nested boxes and in order for them to fit they have to do damage in some sense to their psyches because they’re not naturally made. That isn’t their natural environment. You should be somewhat grateful for the fact that the boxes exist. Our history of logical intellectual thinking has forced us to assume that a thing can’t be itself and it’s opposite at the same time.” 

 So I was trying to figure out why many social media influencers are anti-college. I was also trying to figure out why online colleges don’t get the credibility that they deserve. Some people do not understand that distance learning is decades old. I get it. There are some corrupt institutions out there that claim to be credible organizations but that’s why we have research and subject matter experts that help prospective students avoid those adversities.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

 Anyways, while I was researching MBA programs, I came across a few Jordan Peterson videos. It was quite refreshing to see a scholar on YouTube that is has established himself as trendy and pertinent celebrity-ish figure. It was somewhat exhausting listening to and watching the pop culture content creating types chime in on the world of academia.

 Some of them had great points to make but some of them actually didn’t. Even if they didn’t, I actually still enjoy watching the vlogg-ers and document-ers more so than the ones trying to give advice or tips (especially with online college experience).  With that said, I think vlogging and journalism have many aspects in common. That gives me an idea for my next blog. Would I rather consume a well edited video or an uncut session of someone sharing their journey?

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