Online College vs Online Business

I am starting this series about online colleges because there seems to be a trend or even movement against education. I can’t tell you how many full time YouTubers or get rich internet marketers have downplayed the value of an education.

Check it out. This is my blog. Every blog post isn’t going to be a heavenly masterpiece. Sometimes, I write or blog late at night or early in the morning. It is better to be great than perfect. Well, for me, I am aiming for consistency.

So this is a topic that I can write about for a long time. I thought I could talk about fitness but I just can’t and I won’t. I’m just not meathead enough. But maybe, that side of me will return. But it just makes more sense to move my online brand towards education. It is just easier and I need “easy” right now.

You need to check out this app called Anchor. It is a podcast app where I will be sharing some content here and there. But I need to get a routine down with YouTube and this expensive fucking domain. So there it is. No more time consuming video editing workout shit and no more MLM crap from me. We’re going back to the roots. And that is #protecteducation. I just made that up.

I’m still going to talk about other content creators and sports figures. For example, there’s a YouTube guy that throws shade on pretty much every degree out there. He thinks the answer for it all is to learn coding without certification. That sounds like a hacker to me.

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