MBA – Project Management Sounds Intense

Wow, I need to get organized.

So, I just signed up for my first Project Management class and I’m getting anxious and excited at the same damn time. The end result that I am aiming for is an MBA with Project Management Credentials or a Concentration in Project Management. The most likely scenario is that I get a Graduate Certificate in Project Management which is only 5 classes. But I can transfer those credits to an MBA with a Concentration in Project Management.

I think that I will be one of those individuals, after receiving my MBA, that will try to collect as many certificates as possible. I even want to get my teaching certificate for English so that I can travel the world. I don’t want to teach annoying kids a foreign language for the rest of my life. But I would do it for a year or two just to get going while I submit applications and resumes to big name companies. Watch this video below to get some knowledge on online education. Don’t worry. I am not selling anything. 


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