Lebron James vs Kyrie Irving, Who’s Better?

Is Lebron James scared of the Free Throw line? Does Skip Bayless have a point? I am not an LBJ hater, but c’mon man?! Your free throw percentage is less than 80 percent. In order for the Cavs to hang with the Celtics or Warriors, they will need to tighten it up from the free throw line. Regarding, the KI and LBJ debate, the following YouTuber made a solid point:

Do you want to hear what Magic Johnson says regarding Lebron James? I don’t. His response was probably really politically correct. I want to hear what Charles Barkley has to say. On that note, I think Scottie Pippen has gone senile with his latest shade on MJ. Just look up Scottie and Tracy talking about MJ, Kobe, and Lebron.

Magic Johnson did make an excellent point. Kyrie Irving was not winning until Lebron James returned from Miami to Cleveland. But that is in the past. Let’s talk about Mr. Isaiah Thomas. Right now, I don’t care about his book. I want to know when he is playing again.

When will The Cavaliers catch the Celtics? When will they take over the east? Max Kellerman asked the most important question. Will Isaiah Thomas have his basketball legs when he returns to play? Will they all be on the same page? Max Kellerman thinks the Cavs have too much firepower and that they will peak at the perfect time. 

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Say it aint so?!! I can’t believe I just read this…

Derrick Rose is currently away from Cavs and evaluating his future in basketball, per ,

Don’t do it man. Just keep playing. This is the year dude. Just hang in there. Don’t quit. You’re too young. Ah man, this sucks. Just get your foam rollers out and take your ibuprofen. Also, you need to take ice baths.


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