My personal rules for Blogging.

I always see a lot of articles on daily rituals and morning rituals.

But I have not read that many articles about weekly rituals.

I need to write.

I am not sure if I need to write daily or every other day.

But at some point in time in the past, I started a blog.

So the responsible thing to do is to write on this blog at least once a week.

Then  maybe I can start writing every day.

My new personal rules/guidelines for writing are

1: Every blog post does not have to be a masterpiece.

2. It can be about anything and everything.

3. I am allowed to be random.

4. I will attach an image to the blog post.

5. I will embed a video, a relevant video to the blog post.

6. I will revisit old blog posts if I need to.

7. I will promote my content and other people’s content.

8. It does not have to be about my personal life.

9. I do not need coffee to write.

10. The blog posts do not have to be short or long. They can be short, medium, or long. (phrasing)

And that’s about it.

What video am I watching now?



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