DevOps, Everything You Need To Know

DevOps is a software methodology where the operations and development staff participate together in the entire software lifecycle, from the design phase through the development and production phases.

There are various DevOps tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, GitHub, and HipChat. They are used for processes such as collaboration and code sharing.

DevOps has created new ideas about how organizations create and maintain software. DevOps has also created an ecosystem full of tools and other solutions that claim to be DevOps.

There are many underlying reasons that can be attributed to the emergence of DevOps. A major factor is the evolution of software.

To understand DevOps, it helps to know the role of the traditional software development cycle or the SDLC since there have been advances in software and hardware design.

Quality assurance testers usually know little about software development. They also have little interest or knowledge of hardware. This group exhaustively puts the code through its paces either trying to break it or expose any shortcomings it might have.

DevOps between developers and quality assurance testers increase software quality and reduce the testing time. In a traditional scenario, coders don’t know how an application is to be tested, and testers have little idea of the features coded into an application.

DevOps is about tools and technology. In a DevOps approach, developers collaborate with the quality assurance testers and determine the testing process, and which portions of the testing can be automated.

DevOps combines knowledge and technology to mitigate any platform issues. DevOps between development and operations improves the consistence of application behavior.


DevOps allows us to rethink the traditional SDLC. The traditional SDLC has been around for years and has relatively unchanged.

Developers traditionally work in a black box. Other personnel within an organization have little input in the development process. It is up to the developers to design and write the code.

DevOps opens up the development phase. In a DevOps environment, members of other groups are allowed to participate. DevOps allows the development of software to occur in a white box. In a white-box environment, the business has a look into the entire development process.


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