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The Vloggers Boot Camp literally, takes you by the virtual hand and gives you an extra nudge to get your Vlogging imperatives moving. In this day and age, video blogging is just starting to hit its stride. The question you may have asked yourself is, “Is V-blogging for me?” The answer my friend is an absolute YES. Video blogging is for you. The problem is that many people get hindered by a few emotional and mental obstacles that prevent them from jumping in front of their video camera (smartphone, GoPro, etc.) and pressing record.

Many people have to gather courage just to take a selfie. Imagine what they go through when they realize that they should start video blogging whether it is for social media branding or their business. So Vlogger’s Butterflies is one problem that can also be described as “fight or flight” syndrome. If this is not addressed, the end result is procrastination and missed deadlines and honestly…being left behind the competitors.

Celebrities and up and coming YouTube stars have discovered the power of video blogging. And that is why I created the Vloggers Boot Camp. You can call it a 30 day vlogging challenge or a vlogging training course. You can also safely call it your very own Vlogging Coach that you can access at any time in the comfort of your home. The lessons found in the Vloggers Boot Camp can give your video blogging that boost it desperately needed and it can even be considered a cure for that inevitable Vlogger’s Block. This syndrome is quite similar to writer’s block. Nevertheless, you can fix that creative stalemate just by ordering your copy of the The Vloggers Boot Camp today!


 If your order the Vloggers Boot Camp, I am going to throw in my very own Vlogger’s Journal. There maybe times when you prefer reading over watching videos. Personally, I enjoy reading and some have considered me an information junkie. The content found in the Vlogger’s Journal is not the same content in the Vloggers Boot Camp. While the Vloggers Boot Camp shares the technical and tangible imperatives required for video blogging, The Vlogger’s Journal goes deep into the mindset and intestinal fortitude that you must have in order to become a serious v-blogger. 

The Vlogger’s Journal is more than just an e-book. This e-journal also comes with its own video vault (separate from the boot camp) to make sure you understand all of the principles for effective video blogging. If you simply want to take baby steps and start small with The Vlogger’s Journal then just order it for a measly $4.99.


Yes, of course, I am a little partial. But I think the best decision for you and your video blogging career is to go all in and jump straight into the full package. Sign up for the Vloggers Boot Camp which comes with a free copy of the Vlogger’s Journal. All of this can be at your fingertips right now. Build that video blogging momentum, polish your brand, get more views, and get rid of all those creative obstacles that keep you from knocking out those interactive videos your viewers are craving for. This product is ideal for newbies and seasoned video bloggers looking to ignite that “director’s passion” once again.  I look forward to Vlogging With YOU!!


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