The Pros And Cons of Hotel Gyms

I think that I might lean towards not working out on the weekends. I want to focus on working out during the week. I’m not going to join any bodybuilding or power-lifting contests any time soon. So there really is no need for me to clanging and banging 6-7 days a week. Plus, the supplements are so expensive. To workout that much, you really need some type of pre-workout or an insane amount of motivation. I do not have either of those right now.

Trying to find the perfect gym with the perfect hours can be a job within itself. As most of my readers know, I do a lot of traveling on the weekends. I try to get all of my work done during the week but that seems possible also. I’m only human. There are only 24 hours in the work day. I wish that I didn’t need sleep but I’m not a zombie even though sometimes I feel like a walking dead zombie.

I can pay 7 dollars a day to use the hotel gym in that video above. I would only pay for Saturdays. It’s not a bad deal actually because with that 7 dollars, I can utilize the pool, the Jacuzzi, the showers, the sauna, the cardio machines, the aerobics room, and the weight room.

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