Nikki Yanofsky Music Festival

As you can tell in this video, the sound system was absolutely awesome. I had a really good time at this concert. If you have not heard of Nikki Yanofsky, you will soon. I didn’t know her until I went to the concert. I actually got in free. It cost a hundred dollars per wrist band. But I was with some really cool people. I was the only foreigner in the group. In Korea, a foreigner is anyone that is not Korean. All four of us kept rotating who had the wrist band and the end result was awesome. No one had to wait outside…ya know what, I am not going to give away the secret.

Anyways, there is another music festival right around the corner. It is called Ultra Korea or something like that. I am going to look it up right now but so far, the price seems crazy. It is at around 150 dollars to make me hollar, “Noooo!”.

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