How to Vlog In Public

Everyone is different. For me, it is much easier to talk when I am walking. It is also easy for me to talk when I am in the passenger side of someone’s car. There is just something about those two situations that bring out the gift of gab in me. I don’t think I am the only one like that though. I think the feeling of moving forward just triggers the talker in everyone.

One day, I will research that and provide you with a scientific theory on why people start yapping when they are on the go. If you look at Vlogging the same way as talking to your close friend or family member then it will be a lot easier for you to Vlog (talk to your peeps) in front of strangers.

Vlogging in public is truly an extroverted activity. Vlogging in the privacy of your own home studio, is introverted vlogging. Whenever I get the chance, I try to make video blog in public. The reason being, is that it makes for a better video. When people are watching videos, they want to feel like they are going somewhere outside of their office or their living room.

For some reason, the video blogs where the public vlogger is bravely talking to the camera in a big city tend perform well. There are other factors. Is the vlogger nervous? Are there people interrupting the vlogger? Is the weather bad? Is there distracting background noise? The basics of presentation, timing, preparation, and delivery should never be neglected. Sometimes a great vlogger looks natural because he or she put in some quality rehearsal time.


Sometimes it is easier to be a vlogger when you are around other vloggers. That way, the only people that look weird are the people that don’t vlog. Vlogging is still a very young trend. I think its cool and fun when you are feeling cool and fun. But even if you Vlog in a bad mood, there might be a viewer that can relate and connect with you.

One little trick that I like to use is to use headphones that have a mouthpiece. When I use this tool, then I don’t have to scream or yell which can grab the attention of people around you. Learn more about Vlogging Here!


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