How To Make Money Video Blogging or Vlogging

Let me give you a quick example of how I made some cash with my blog before I show you how to make money by vlogging. As some of my loyal readers know, I am an online college student. And I cannot wait until I am absolutely done with this school. Once I have my bachelor’s degree, I am absolutely done with school.


Let’s face it. College can be brutal and sometimes you need a little help. I have had classes that definitely kicked my butt. I remember at one point, I needed a tutor for Algebra 3 and Calculus.  I was so frustrated, that I actually bought “tutorials” online. Those classes were so brutal that I basically resorted in purchasing homework assignments. I am not proud of it and that is the main reason that I just want to be done with school.

I also hated the fact that I was spending hard earned money on those assignments. Because I am a business student, I try to think of ways to make my money back or maybe more. Some of the websites that I bought assignments from were shut down. So I actually posted my assignments on my website. And the funny thing is, someone actually bought them. It would not have been possible without a wordpress plugin called Easy Digital Downloads. So I stopped with the sharing of my homework and simply started marketing my own products. One of them is called Vloggers’ Journal. 

That is one way that I monetize my video blogs. You can do the same. You can make money vlogging by selling or marketing your own digital products. But there are some behind the scenes techniques (legwork) that you have to be familiar with in order to execute the simple concept of selling your own digital products. The first thing you need is your own blog so that your vlogs can have hub, a home. Starting your own wordpress blog can be a tedious and even expensive activity for some. This is an example of the specifics that I share in the Vloggers’ Journal. 

I am working on various projects right now. The pet project at the moment is my YouTube Fitness Channel. I have a video that is gradually growing in views which is great for me, the musical artist synced in the video, and the smart phone app that I used to make the video. The song is by Bryan Lee and the song is called We Victorious. I love the song and the music that this guy creates. I’m also grateful for the partnership that the Magisto App has with underground, up and coming musicians. YouTube also has great options for soundtracks in their videos. It’s nice to have royalty free soundtrack options for your videos so that you do not have to worry about copyright infringement.

You may have noticed that I made sure to give credit to the musician and the Magisto App in the description box. The description box can not be neglected. This is where you can promote your products or items that you are an affiliate for. Share the url in a savvy marketing way. This is where you can further emphasize the call to action for your viewers. You can send them to other social media profiles such as your Instagram or your Facebook Fan Page. Just make sure you are not ignoring it.

You have to remember. To make money vlogging, you actually have to put in some hard work. You have to work smart also. As a vlogger, you are actually an entrepreneur. You do not have anyone telling you what time to start video blogging and what time to stop. You are your own boss. You are the marketer. You are the director. And for the most part, you are your lead star. Now that you are motivated, let’s break down some numbers. For a lot of gamers on YouTube, 1 million views equals a thousand dollars. There is no clear answer to the question of how much money can you make on YouTube.

There are so many factors. The economy, the advertiser, YouTube, the quality, and the timing all play a part. Your goal however, is to simply make as many great videos as possible within in your niche. The problem is that so many people are extremely shy about making videos. The mindset of a video blogger is another topic in itself. There are a lot of psychological battles that vloggers experience, especially introverted vloggers. I go into great detail about introvert and extrover vloggers in The Vloggers Journal. 

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