How To Get More YouTube Video Ideas

Vlogging can be awesome, and draining, and fun, and solitary, and exhilirating, and sometimes really tough. Let’s face it. Vlogging ain’t easy. It can be quite challenging to make videos that make us happy, make us sad, and make us enlightened. YouTube is an excellent platform to get your thoughts out in the Universe. And you can actually discover what other people are thinking along with what they think about your thoughts. It can even be a cool place to get into a really good argument.


Sometimes, ideas can be limited. especially if you have created so many YouTube videos covering a lot of topics. This can lead to an extreme setback called procrastination. When w have a lot of YouTube ideas then we get excited and motivated. But if we do not have any ideas, then we lose motivation and wait too long to make our next video. I can recall watching the Hodge Twins being transparent about making a video that they have already talked about before in a past vlog. I think the topic was cardio before weight lifting or a particular workout. It was a topic that you see often on the cover of fitness magazines at the checkout line in a grocery store.

Writers get writer’s block from time to time. This obstacle surfaces in other art forms such as poetry, video blogging, painting, and music. A common video topic that a video blogger with vloggers’ block may consider vlogging about is, “How To Get More Ideas For Your YouTube Videos”. There is Zen everywhere. But with all sincerity, it can seem very impossible to get creative when you are on empty as far as video ideas.

Check this out though. You are not alone. I am here with you. I’ve established some guidance that will help you take effective action.  These tips may or may not work for everyone. But for the most part they are solid fundamentals that can get you out of the funk.

Let’s Walk It Out

Sometimes, when I just go for a simple walk, my mind just opens up along with my stride. The ideas just start flooding in. The only problem is that I usually do not have pen and paper when I am walking it out. Maybe the advice should be to go for a walk and carry pen and paper with you at all times.

Look At The Past

Sometimes you just have to elaborate a little bit more. Try this one. Check out your past YouTube Videos. Look at the stats. Which one of your past videos produced the best results. Why not make some more videos on that topic or a mini series to give more detail and clarification of the discussion. That will lead to more really cool video ideas.

Call Someone.

It’s not a crime. You like to make videos. And you know what? So do many other people! And your friends probably know that you love video blogging. So call your close friends and family members. Get some ideas from them. Ask them what you can do better. Ask them what you are doing that is inappropriate. But you have to be ready for any possible constructive criticism. Ask them for ideas and suggestions. A possible end result, is that you might have a new vlogging buddy.

Talk To Your Viewers

Find our what your subscribers and viewers want to watch. This will also contribute to the interaction with the community you decided to join when you started your YouTube channel. (Or maybe you will eventually start your own YouTube Channel) If the comment section on any of your videos is active, then the search engines will rank your video higher than other videos that are similar in content. That statement does not factor in other aspects such as advertisement, subscriber list, and marketing. At the end of the day, make sure you are being social so that getting video ideas from your viewers will be ten times easier.

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