How To Get More Views On YouTube

Are you a vlogger? Do you want more views for you videos? Do you want more subscribers? There is more than one way to promote your YouTube video. You can try teaming up with another video blogger. Teaming up does not necessarily mean making videos together. Although, that option is very effective. You can share the same viewers. There is more than one way to team up. You can share links and mentions and comment on each other’s videos.

Then of course, there is the social media factor. Just go viral. When you share one of your videos on Facebook or Twitter, there is a good chance some of your followers will share it with their followers and so on and so on.

You can work the SEO option. This means search engine optimization. Think about the term or words that your target audience is looking up on Google. Don’t forget to use tags in your YouTube videos and try to use the keyword in the title. Mix up your campaign with social media and SEO. One thing you want to avoid, is to excessively use a keyword or phrase because that will take away from the quality of your video or blog. It may seem like you are trying to hard if you type “pets” five hundred times in your, “How To Make A Leash Video”.

It is not easy to vlog on a frequent basis. There maybe times when it does not seem possible. But blogging or participating in discussion forums may be more accessible. Writing and talking about your vlogs, YouTube channel, and your niche on your blog discussion forums can really help give your video blogs a much needed boost.

Go old school. Just network with companies. Connect with print publications and contribute some valuable content. Do the same thing with other website owners that have content similar to the topics that you vlog and write about. Don’t forget to add your channels and profiles in your bio.

Happy Vlogging!

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