Clangin And Bangin #10: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not! ??

What is Clangin And Bangin? What does it actually mean to clang and bang? Who invented the term? I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything.

In a nustshell, to clang and bang means to grind it out in the weight room. Can this concept apply with crossfit, cardio, on a mountain bike, or even Zumba? I don’t know. Maybe. That’s up to you.

But I made this video above just so we know who is not on the clangin and bangin list this week. It definitely helps us rule out the duds from the studs. And don’t worry ladies, you too can be a clanger and banger. The clanger and banger circle is not exclusive to just dudes looking to make all kinds of gains. If you squat and lift and you only date beasts, then you might mike the clangin and bangin list. But you have to be on instagram and #clanginandbangin and shoutout to @thrivecrunch.

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