Clangin And Bangin #4: Magisto App/ Music by Bryan Lee – We Victorious

I’ve been on Instagram a lot lately and I think I am knee deep into the fitness craze and community that easily swarms social media. To me, it really makes more sense. Even though I learned a lot from internet marketing products, I don’t think I will ever go back to trying to sell MAKE MONEY” products.

I might endorse a product or training that I feel can help people but I need to focus more
on tangibility and transparency. If I have trouble telling my parents about a business model or program, then there is no way I am going to make any good money from it. I can tell you what does make sense to me. I can still use internet marketing principles to give my products and brand a fighting chance.

Not too long ago (actually yesterday), I came across a smartphone app called Magisto. I was looking for a video editor that I can use on my phone. The goal was to be able to upload cleaner videos on IG with music without copyright issues. Magisto allows you to pick videos and pics from your phone and turn it into a movie. It is really easy to use. You choose the videos, pics, a song from their playlist, a theme (food, action, family). Then the app will basically process the movie for you and you can tweak it if you need to. I  LOVE IT!!

Please check out the video that I just made! Watch it here!! And Don’t Forget To Subscribe!

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