VUNY #33 and #34: Food, No Gym, and Snow

I am going to try something different for this blog post. Instead of putting the video first in this particular section, I am going to just start typing and rambling. Why am I doing it this way? Is there a scientific reason for this? No, there isn’t. It’s my blog and I can do whatever I want to do on my blog and you can say whatever you want on my blog because I have a fantastic Facebook plugin that I installed a long time ago. The main reason that I am adding the text to this blog post before the video, is because my video is still rendering. I have not uploaded it to YouTube.

I am now waiting for YouTube to finish processing this video. Sometimes, when it takes a long time like this it may be due to copyright infringement. There is a scene in the video shot at the pool hall and there is music playing in the background. There has been times when YouTube approved it because it was just playing in the background and it wasn’t actual stealing of intellectual property. But if they don’t approve it then I have to go back and edit that audio out and add some narration or royalty free song.

That’s the confusing part. Because, I have used the Royalty Free songs offered by YouTube and they did not approve monetization because the soundtrack was not added during the editing process. It was added using the YouTube creator features. That’s confusing.


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