VUNY #9: Clash and Dash (Vlogging Until New Year’s)

Did you think that I will stop with the VUNY? I started it, so I have to finish it. I am not going to stop until New Year’s Eve. What is VUNY? Vlog Until New Year’s. Right now, I have the rest of October, all of November and all of December.

What is the purpose of this? My purpose is to get better at Vlogging. It is absolutely a marketable skill that I want to master while it is still fairly new to society. Why is it still new? You walk around any American City and you don’t see people Vlogging. And the ones that are Vlogging are being stared at by strangers. They think that they are crazy.

Vloggers are not crazy. They are smart and they are brave. It takes guts to do what Vloggers do. At the end of the day, most Vloggers do it for business reasons. A savvy vlogger that knows how to market, is going to say that their vlog is for business. The Vlog is direct value that is designed to bring in business. The business can be in the form of a commission or an endorsement. That’s all I am going to reveal for now. I will have to share the rest in an upcoming eBook.

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